Low glycemic index (GI)

All hälsotreats products have low glycemic index. This means that hälsotreats are slowly digested by your body and do not raise your blood sugar after eating. As a result we stay full for a longer period of time without eating additional snacks, and consequently mood swings.

In contrast to hälsotreats, ordinary sweets have rather high GI. This means that sugar from the candy is absorbed by digestive system directly after eating, resulting in a blood sugar spike within 60 minutes. As your body starts releasing insulin hormones to take care of the carbohydrates in your blood, the sugar level falls down drastically. This makes you hungry, and if you don’t get something to eat, you might get irritated and tired. It might be also hard to concentrate.

Food with low glycemic index is also good for your health in long term. If you consume a lot of refined sugar, your body needs more and more insulin to deal with constant blood sugar spikes and dips. This may lead to development of type 2 diabetes. Food with low GI, therefore, may help to avoid diabetes or help to control it for those who have this diseases. That’s why hälsotreats is a good alternative for you, who wants to eat something sweet and tasty but avoid the negative health consequence. Moreover, hälsotreats are rich in fibers, such as beta-glucan, which slows down the intake of carbohydrates. So hälsotreat can decrease GI of your food, if eaten directly after meal.

“Hälsotreats is a good alternative for you, who wants to avoid diabetes or already has it but looks for products that can help in coping with it. It is also a way to keep glycemic index in check with all your meals”