Hälsoball – Coconut

Wickedly good, innocently healthy!

Our coconut balls are rich with good ingredients such as fibers, proteins and healthy fats such as Omega 3 and medium chain fatty acids, MCT. MCTs are saturated fats, and because they are short, it is easier for the body to break them down. It means that they do not have harmful effects similar to those produce by other saturated fats. In addition, coconut fat has positive effects on our immune system and intestinal flora.

17  SEK

Bulk discount:  10 pcs → 15,5 SEK/boll  |   20 pcs → 14 SEK/boll  | valid for all balls so you can mix different tastes. Shipping 25 kr in Sweden.

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Coconut flakes, proteins from milk, wheat fiber (gluten free), water, erythritol, oat fiber, Inca-Inchi oil, sweetener (stevia).


  per 100 g
  Energy263 kcal
  Protein20,0 g
  Carbohydrates14,6 g
       among which sugar1,4 g
       among which sugar alcohols11,1 g
  Fiber23,5 g
  Fat18,9 g
      among which saturated15,8 g
      among which monounsaturated0,1 g
      among which polysaturated3,0 g


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